July 13, 2006


Sphere 4, 2003, 10x10

During my tenure online, many opportunities to spread my art around the web have dropped into my inbox. Not all have been mass mailings basically wanting my money, some have been quite appropriate to building one's artistic reputation. I think one of the best cyber interviews I experenced was conducted a few years ago by Austrailian artist, Dion Archibald. Dion is the energy behind the website, Art Quotes, and who also produces Art News Blog, a " selection of visual art news, art reviews and art related stories online." I've long enjoyed receiving Art Quotes via email (two art related quotes, three times a week) and the whole site is interesting to browse.

An earlier cyber exhibition opportunity happened along in 1999 when sculptor Christopher Ray invited me to submit a number of works for his site collection. Thought there was no interview involved, he wrote a glowing review of the work which had me pretty full of myself for some time!


Jacie said...

Karen, Dion's site led me to your work! Isn't that strange, or not really, that I should find you in Australia! I went looking for blogging for artists in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, where my painter/ David Wiggs is from.

KJ said...

Whoa! Too cool! Around the world in a cyber minute ;-) KJ

Dion said...

That's great Karen. Thanks for mentioning the sites on your blog.

Your profile on artquotes.net is one of my favorites, and it's always a pleasure popping by to see your new work too.

And it's a very small world on the internet Jacie.

KJ said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I do appreciate! KJ

william wray said...

love the colors and energy.