July 14, 2006

Calvin And Golden

Don't you miss Calvin and Hobbes? Especially love it when the artist/illustrator/creator inserts himself into the storyline.

Mark Golden's blog (yes, THAT Golden!) discusses the use of house paint in our arsenal of creative media... and the bottom line is that we don't need his permission. That's good, 'cuz as far as I'm concerned, too many rules ruin the game. He asks if certain changes to the work over the years would be okay with us, and I'm good with that as well. If my surfaces are about anything, it's the replication of age and it's layers of use and distress, so be it. Now, I won't go so far as happily allowing chipping of the paint, which I suffered through at one time and then swore off oils for a good ten years... but that had nothing to do with house paint.

I hear you asking, do YOU use house paint? Ummm... well, now that I've backed myself into this corner, yes, I'm guilty of gathering the $1 pints of Oops paint at HD when I like the color, and using it for the first couple of layers... I like the way it goes on, I can be extravagant with color and gesture... it's only underpainting and Golden Paints need not worry, the next dozen layers are all pure GOLDen.

I will be very surprised if I find time to add to this blog again until next Wed. Should be rushing around right now but just taking a needed sit-down break. Will soon be headed off for my third grocery gathering in minutes, the gang begins arriving late tonight, more on the morrow. Lots planned including a couple of days at the lake with rented cabins and boats, trying to recapture an earlier generation's fascination with waterskiing... seems most of the g-kids are ready to learn. Those were good days and I can tell J is missing his old boat and RV.

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KJ said...

Correction, that should be $1 QUARTS, not pints, of returned paint from Home Depot.