July 11, 2006


Magnolia 5, 1988, 22x30, watercolor

Sorry 'bout that previous really long entry. One of the stipulations I set for myself when I started blogging, is that I would keep my entries short and to the point. Well, I blew that one!

New challenges are what it's all about and a dilly dawned on me a few days ago when I decided I needed (wanted) to create *Categories*! Well, Blogger doesn't offer that option, but I learn from the vast network of blogger resources that it can be worked around. Categories are a filing system of sorts, for old posts that might be worth referencing down the road. It will take some time for me to iron out all the wrinkles, but my stats show that people are beginning to plow though them already... hope they aren't terribly disappointed. Like attempting to keep my posts brief, I need to cut back the list of categories as well.


Jacie said...

Hey Karen, I loved that last post -it was a great read. You always make it interesting! I've always had hours everyday, all to myself and now I'm stealing little bits here and there. I like the everyone does there own breakfast and lunch idea. Very Cool!

Omega said...

Thank you for the link to blogger resources - although I am in two minds about saving my blogs. I also rather like the idea of them being temporary.

Tracy said...

Don't worry about the length of your posts! I like long ones, especially if they are interesting, as yesterday's was.

Besdies if more artists write longer posts, I'll feel less embarrassed about how incredibly wordy mine are:-)