June 21, 2006

Blog Readers... Again

Please don't laugh at me while I'm trying hard to understand how blogs and readers work... but I know for a fact that there are plenty of folks out there that are struggling as I am to sort it all out, trying to efficiently use our reading time so there is plenty of painting time left over. I recently gloated about discovering that the Bloglines reader was way better, and I still like it very much, but I've also discovered that it won't allow some blog subscriptions... doesn't recognize a feed from several blogs that might not even have such. But Blogarithm will recognize all blogs and notify if they've been updated, whether they have a feed or not. Soooo... I will have buttoms to both on my sidebar, and I will use both for which each is best. Felt like I ought to pass that vital info along... now, back to art talk. KJ


Shelly said...

For what it's worth... Some mail clients will allow you to add RSS feeds, so that you can use them to view blog posts. I know that Thunderbird is one of them. I don't normally use it for that purpose, as Firefox allows live bookmarking, which works better for me. However, I just tested the RSS feed for your blog in Thunderbird and it worked perfectly, loading all the individual posts that are on your "current posts" page.

Lisa Call said...

I just found your blog through Shan's blog. I love your work!

I read blogs with the firefox plugin Wizz RSS reader. Works well enough for me although it doesn't have many pretty bells and whistles.

KJ said...

Thanks for both comments and tips. The reality of computers and everything they offer is that we can and do customize our preferences to such a varying degree that one size comes nowhere close to fitting all. That plus the learning curve for newer options keeps getting steeper. YIKES! I'm hurrying faster just to barely keep up!