June 21, 2006

Now And Again

Now and Again, diptych, 60x96

I'll make a gallery run to Atlanta tomorrow (Thurs) delivering eight or so paintings (do you count a diptych as one or two?) Pictured here is a "request"... as opposed to a "commission"... might or might not work, but worth a try. It was fun to paint and reflects the landscape overload of the French experience. With each trip out and about in our little Opal we drank in the fullness of the changing countryside... becoming more familiar, noting slight changes Spring brings. So that explains the title and divisions. I keep saying I'll do more landscapes, but best I can do is just a few a year. They usually come in spurts, small series, but doesn't look like they'll take over the abstracts any time soon.


Jacie said...

Hey I didn't know you did landscapes, hard not to in the french countryside. Love the colors and the sectioning! I once had a friend who asked me to do a stetch of a feirce but funny cowboy, with guns drawn. but I couldn't figure out how to do the guns and they became carrots. Somehow carrots for guns was not what the client was looking for! At some point requests for me, starts to turn a little creepy. ha!I've been just reading blogs lately, getting back to commenting!

CMC said...

Looks great to me, Karen. I've been muttering to myself that that's ALL I can paint lately. Everything turns into a landscape.

Tracy said...

I'm with Cheryl, I never painted landscapes until a few years ago and now it seems that is all I can paint anymore.

Karen, which gallery in Atlanta are you going to? Are you familiar with Thomas Deans Gallery? He has some of my work and does pretty well for me, although we are still struggling a bit to find the right images for the area.

KJ said...

Cheryl, your landscapes are great, don't knock a good thing.

Jaci, carrots are much better for your health than guns, never mind the general consensus. Hope your hubby is improving.

Tracey, my workhorse gallery of eleven or so years is Lagerquist in Buckhead, not too far up Peachtree from your location on Bennett St. You're in a great spot with some fine galleries clustered in a central location, like a small mall of galleries.

Tracy said...

Karen, good to know that you know the spot. I have broken the cardinal rule of working with galleries-I ship off my work to a gallery that I have never visited or have even talked to on the phone (we email). But they have been great to work with so it's worked out, luckily.