June 22, 2006


July, 48x24, 2004

Three hour drive to Atlanta with morning sun in face -- lunch in a popular greasy spoon, food was good but noise level was high as the temps outside -- handed over paintings to gallery -- too hot for gallery hopping, museum or any such cultural endeavors -- headed home for another three hours with afternoon sun in face. Easy to be convinced of global warming this day!

Tomorrow will be better even if it is still dry as dust with temps hovering at 100 and humidity the same. Tomorrow I'll be in the studio with no interruptions and some new ideas lighting up... or old ideas refreshed, we'll see!

The accompanying painting says 'beach' to me... wouldn't that be nice?


Martha Marshall said...

Yeah! I love that it does that and yet keeps its wonderful abstractness. The perfect fine line.

Same too for your opening picture on your website. Niiiice!


Shan said...

This is when I'm glad I live in Wisconsin (though I'll be envious of your weather in January).

I'm new to your blog and really enjoying it. Lovely paintings.