June 20, 2006

Blog Reading Simplified

Yes, I spend way too much time reading blogs... but I'm working on efficiency. This article is one of several that is addressing the situation since it seems that info overload is not an uncommon problem. I've changed my sidebar Blogarithm.com link to Bloglines.com as it seems to be a much more efficient reader. I'm sure there are plenty of other good programs, but I'm too busy chasing interesting art blogs to investigate and this one looks good for now.

So what makes Bloglines better? Mainly, it updates throughout the day so I don't have to rely on an email to tell me what's new since the last time I indulged. Since I read sporadically and often way early in the morning... I don't want to wait for an email to point to new entries. As a longtime reader of Yahoo group lists, I find that a fine tuned blog list is a more efficient way to gather info on what's going on out there in the world of art... and a few other worlds as well.

So that's my unpaid endorsement and handy tip for the day.

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