March 11, 2006

Making Tracks...

1995, Night Tracks, 18x30, mixed media/paper

A very important transition series as I moved from realism to the abstract was the Tracks or Traipsings. They often featured loose or random rug patterns and supposedly marked the passage of whatever personalities ventured across. Some were mixed media on paper, some on canvas. I started thinking about them this morning with talk of bird flu in Europe and how best to avoid any 'bird tracks' in our path as we traipse about the countryside. As I searched through my inventory images I realized how few really good photos I took of them, most are blurry, I can only hope the slides are better. I particularly like this one as it relates to the dark history of the area... the Cathars and Crusades... da Vinci Code and old castles... yeah, this one fits.

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Annette said...

Lots of texure like this where we'll be. And burgundy soil, textured rocks and glorious blue skies.