March 13, 2006

Peppermint Peach...

Never heard of a Peppermint Peach tree until this one bloomed in my neighbor's yard. The amazing blossoms vary from white to rosy red with assorted combinations in between, including stripes of red and white. It's an early bloomer with Forsythia and Redbud, all of which combine to herald the onset of spring. Usually, I find myself coaxing my spring bloomers to slow down, not so fast, take your time so I can enjoy each succession in full glory. But this year, knowing I'll be 'out of pocket' for the April flowerings, I'm urging them to all hurry and show me their stuff before I leave. I do hope we'll experience an early spring in our part of France, we expect it to still be cold, probably highs in the 50's at first, so all (dry) signs of warming and renewal will be welcome.

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