March 09, 2006


2001, Auld 2, 48 x 24Of the two little exercise books I've been experimenting with, I think I like the 'Morning Cup of Tai Chi' best. Granted, it's such a simplified form that true advocates of Tai Chi might sneer, but there's something about the slowed down pace that entices me to want to learn more. As it happens, the author, John Bright-Fey, is located here in Birmingham, complete with classes, etc. I'm not likely to take it that far, but I mention it because I see he is also an artist at a local gallery featuring Asian art. Ah, a man of many talents. But there's another connection... I first heard of his Blue Dragon Academy when I was photographed for an article in the local 'Birmingham' magazine a few years back. Seems the photographer is also a devotee of JB-F and was singing his phrases (don't remember how the subject even came up!) And the threads keep weaving... I think I'll stick to my 'morning cup' for the time being.

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MMComstock said...

I so recommend it. And don't dismiss the class idea. Once you finish a class in Tai chi, it's with you and you can do it every day, anywhere, in about 20 minutes; and it's 20 minutes that are like an island of serenity. Can't lose it, but you can get rusty if you for some reason stop, as I did, for several years--and then wish that class were still available!

Tai chi is comfortable, fun, healthy, stimulating and calming, healthy exercise and meditative. Great stuff.