January 13, 2020

The first entry for this blog was on 10/10/05. On the fourth day I gave up the goal of painting 100 objects realistically in oils in order to reclaim early expertise. But the blog went on for six years and included 600 plus entries, the last one was 11/06/11 when I spoke of my husband's TIA, or small stroke. Somehow, the blog was over at that point. Life as we'd known it was over. He was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and died in June, 2016.

The momentum to paint is gone, but there are many ways to be creative and I enjoy exploring the options. This old blog records my art career.  And a lot of my life along with it. I reach into it often for verification because it contains details of things that seem so far away, so long ago. My appreciation to the many friends who followed and commented... you are special.

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