September 23, 2008

Road Trip - Charlotte

2008- Landlines - 24x60

Leaving Wed morning for Charlotte... hauling everything except Bokushos as they weren't mentioned in their list of selected works. I'm counting 16 paintings ready to go strut their stuff.

Gotta get my documentation up to date today... photos, database, printouts, etc. Several have undergone repainting, as is prone to happen when older work recirculates through the studio. Just can't help myself! The above painting is a repaint, the original can be seen here. I rather liked it in red but realize I need to diversify. Will load paintings this afternoon and be ready for a quick get-away tomorrow morning.

Been googling Charlotte this week... an impressive and growing city. The Red Sky Gallery isn't located in the designated art district so will be interested to see how it works with the community. Google, btw, offers street view photos where you can 'drive' around most streets and check out the neighborhood. I wouldn't like having my personal address on view like that but it's good for previewing commercial areas. Looks like a good location with appropriate businesses in the area. We'll see...

One possible glitch... there seems to be a gas shortage in the southeastern states. We're keeping an eye on it, hoping it won't delay the trip (our second attempt to deliver.) Seems they've had some positive marketing response and two of the paintings are needed for viewing, like, now...

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