April 03, 2007

How Can This Be?

I totally miscalculated when Easter would arrive! With it comes youngest son and family and includes the four kids staying on into next week. Thought I had another week to prepare and now I find it's coming at me THIS week. Plans are/were to be at the lake with boating/sailing the prime time entertainment. But guess what... winter is making another quick slap at our plans and cold/damp days are forecast. Yuck! Okay... I can do this. I've been collecting g-kid "to-do" stuff for months, wonder where and what it was??? Would help if the local Spring Break coincided with that of our out of state kids, but that would be too easy.

All this to say... don't expect much out of this blog for a bit... except for brief moments of whine or exultation... which sometimes happen simultaneously. I love these kids and they are now big enough to have their own ideas and carry me along for the ride... just a little prodding here and there.

And what about art? Time for massive movement of paintings from one gallery to another with at least four interchanges involved. Heh, heh, heh... oh yeah!

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