February 27, 2007

Why Don't You Catch A Plane...?

If you read the blog of artist/photographer, Robin Walker, you'll know that she's off to Santa Fe again, this time to house sit for friends in the city. I screamed envy and next thing you know, I'm booking a flight to Santa Fe next week! Robin and I have traveled with others to NYC (to see the Christo Gates) and last year to France. so we do keep meeting this way. It will be fun to 'do' Santa Fe with her experience there to aide and abet.

The first time we met was when she and several other on-line friends joined me in Santa Fe for my opening at Waxlander Gallery. That was back in 2001 and would be fun to blog about when I get some time. It was great fun meeting artists who had been talking via an art list for years. It's still a great list but most artful discussions have been chewed up many times and it's mostly conversational now with a little art info sprinkled in. It's a very welcoming and chatty group, however.

Kinda leads me into my history on the net... it's a long one and goes back to the beginnings of time... which would be mid to late '80's. That was when I got my first real computer... a Windows 3.1. First thing I did was look for artists forums and about all there was at that time were newsgroups... Rec.Arts.Fine to be exact. About ten or twelve regulars on that lively group (the sane ones) formed their own email list which grew and is now 12 or so years old with some of the originals still popping in from time to time. When blogs came along it seemed like a natural morph into a new way of communicating.

Virtual friends can't (or shouldn't) replace real, flesh and blood friends, but it sure is fun when the two merge and find that they like the real versions as well. I've had the very good fortune to meet and travel with many I've met on the Internet... and look forward to even more opportunities. So now... to plan a trip to Santa Fe!

Want to apologize for not keeping up with comments on the last couple of posts... much appreciated and will address them soon. KJ


Walker said...

wow! who knew my trip to Santa Fe would turn out like this! Pack your longjohns and a portfolio - doesnt' hurt to be prepared. See ya in the desert! R

Annette Bush said...

I think this will be a fabulous experience for you both. Karen, I'm glad you are just jumping in on this. It's a good thing.after your mono print workshop, your show and the landscape exploration, I think you are right to expect some new seeds! We'll be watching. A

Rebecca Crowell said...

Your comments about virtual friends are so interesting. Some people think that claiming as friends people you've never met is totally unrealistic. But I see this as being similar to "old-fashioned" pen-pals (but with greatly enhanced ways of communicating) and there are many stories out of the past of pen-pals forming lasting bonds.

True,deep friendships with virtual pen-pals probably don't happen often (I'd guess the same about the old-fashioned pen-pals)...but just being able to connect and talk about art-related ideas is a great way to counter that isolated feeling you can get after long days in the studio.

So far I've only had the chance to meet one of my e-friends, as I call them, and it was really delightful. Meanwhile there is an ongoing sense of connection with others around the country and in other parts of the world. Your experiences of meeting yours and traveling together takes this to a whole other level. Have fun!!

Karen Jacobs said...

You nailed it, Rebecca! Who has energy left over for all that real-time smoozing? But we still need real-time experiences and when they combine... what a thrill! Will look for your work on Canyon Road!

Yep, Annette... will be looking for new seeds! Can hardly wait, Robin!