January 12, 2007

Panic Attack

Yikes! I can't keep up! Falling behind, hanging by fingernails, whatever metaphor that says... YIKES!

Okay... get a grip. Everything will fall into place just fine and when you get a few days down the road you won't even remember the panic attack. No... I don't get REAL panic attacks, there are just times when the term seems to fit. It's a free country, I can panic if I want to!

Took the recently fixed painting to Atlanta today and all seems well, though I hear that the buyer's husband lashed out at the gallery director in a foul way... geeze! Guess they wanted the painting fixed and in the next day's delivery. In any case, it's out of my hands, I'll make up an invoice of what I feel is due for my services but FedEx is refusing to pay and it's not likely I'll see anything from it. Not worried, no big deal. Had hoped to slip a little lagniappe paper landscape in with the painting but didn't get one finished that I liked. Will hope to forward one on to her later... if then. Good intentions... so many planned, so few carried out... my downfall.

Probably a bit on edge from following the news too closely but I've always felt the need, especially when the country is in crisis, I just stay glued. I'm a fencesitting Independent with leanings to the left, but I try to stay open minded. To me it beats out all sport/entertainment... bowl games, world series, movies and books can't begin to offer the 'edge of the seat' suspense that our politics provide. But I do need to take longer breaks... maybe more music in the background and less CNN and NYTimes.

Decisions! I just don't do well with decisions these days. I heard of a Russian family trying to set up housekeeping in NYC and after a few months they had to go home because there were too many choices and decisions to be made over buying something as simple as a bar of soap... and multiply that by every item we use every day... ARG! So today we are in IKEA in Atlanta with the plan to start outfitting the lake house with cheap but stylish dorm room furniture... thanks to their catalog and web site plus one previous look-see visit, we had a pretty good idea of what to go for. But there again... overwhelming choices.

That's where I am at the moment... plus needing to catch up on all these blogs I've signed on to and hyperventilating at the thought of it all. Maybe I should just go to bed early and start my daily walks again in the morning... oh yeah, my jeans have gotten too tight. Rats!


Steven LaRose said...

I know how to catch rats. I'll fill you in if you're interested.

I once went to a grocery store with a visitor from the Soviet Union and when we came to all the toilet paper choices he had to leave. He thought that we had set up an elaborate joke of some kind.

When there are too many choices
And things are getting worse
Just pull a cookie
Out of your purse

Or make some home-made pizza.

Karen Jacobs said...

It IS an elaborate joke, and it's on us... as in US, or U.S. And I won't even go into my thoughts on throw-away kids. Ummm... think I might have just fallen off my fence.

CMC said...

Ha ha.....fence-sitting independant with left leaning tendencies....Yep, that's me as well. Well left on social issues, right on fiscal ones.
I've taken to NOT reading and listening to the news a lot lately. I don't know why but there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Along with not believing much of what I see or hear from either side.

Martha Marshall said...

Politics is my favorite sport too! And with all of Bush's craziness lately, it's dowright scary. I'm so addicted I'm recording Hardball and Countdown to watch in the early a.m. Hubby doesn't like the stuff. I think it depresses him.

Karen Jacobs said...

It is depressing but that's the nature of the game, I suppose. If I let my mind run to extremes I'd really be in a state of panic. I try to balance my viewing with a bit of Fox and other conservative viewspoints. Have about decided anyone up for re-election is less likely to say anything pertinent to anyone but their base, and the media is, for the most part, just fanning flames for viewer attention. They all have their personal points to make that have little to do with the good of the country. But I can't turn away for long.

meno said...

Frozen by too many choices. Some days that's why i get nothing done.

Dawn said...

loved your thoughts, loved your art,