January 14, 2007

Back to Normal

Sorry for that brief moment of wildly waving arms, we're back on track for the time being. An analogy for my need for balance might be that my life is like a huge, turning lazy-susan perched on a tiny fulcrum which requires that all riders be in perfect balance or all hell breaks loose. Those riders would be the usual elements of family, home, gallery, studio, etc. There are some who have no trouble going heavy into one aspect and letting other responsibilities go for a time. I'm like that to an extent but usually know when to jump back into the thick of things. Holidays throw everything out of kilter and I'll blame that recent hoop-la for upsetting my apple-cart, but too many telephone calls with bad timing can do it too.

We're way overdue for a day or two at the lake so we're headed that way today. I'll give the master bedroom a good scrubbing while J puts together the new bed we got from IKEA. At the last minute he decided he didn't want their usual low-to-the-floor design and I found a funky raised bed that was being discontinued and fit the budget. Anxious to at least get one room in livable shape.

We'll also start clearing saved debris from the kitchen deconstruction out of the living area in prep for getting new flooring installed. I want to hurry and commit to this as he tends to start thinking it's something he can do himself... and he probably could, but this project is already in slow motion and I'd like to be able to enjoy it before we have to move into assisted living somewhere! Time's a-wasting! The link at the top will take you to a slide show of the lake house in different stages of being. I was basically trying out a little free program I found and included the link in Xmas cards... don't recall if I inked it in here or not.

Back to the lazy-susan thing... amazing what a productive day in the studio will do for one's equilibrium. I've nothing to digitally show for it, but time consuming prep work was done on two large canvases using rice paper glued to the surface rather than textured gesso. I've done this before and it offers a variance in technique that I could use right now. Part of my balancing act requires that I introduce new ideas into my work space from time to time... I cannot be a mass producer of same-ole same-ole.


meno said...

Thanks for the slide show. That was fun.

The picture from thre lake looking at the property in the fall makes me realize how i miss the east coast fall colors.

Tracy Helgeson said...

Don't worry, we all lose it every once in awhile-I think you've read about a few of mine!

The lake house looks SO cool! I am not really a water person but I do confess to secretly wishing I could live in a house on a lake. It would be odd for me but no more so than living on a farm has been.

Anonymous said...

your lake home is so beautiful .. a great place for R&R and recharging.

as for doing the same-ole, same-ole ... ? you could never do that. Looking forward to another amazing year of art from you.