July 21, 2006


Watching Dennis Hollingsworth paint for an upcoming show in Barcelona... didn't know his work before, and it's way different from the images I found via Google, though the difference is in the details that were hidden from me in the small images, I suppose. Very lush, very rich, very-very! Fun watching the process of this show.

In my own studio... well, good thing I'm not prepping for a show! But I am enjoying the slow pace, moving in inches, thinking between actions and lots of contemplation. A good bit of time and a lot of other stuff has happened since I had my last surge of inspiration, and I'm needing to get back in the groove before I lose all momentum. Not that this is a bad thing to lose as it would just mean there wasn't enough sticking power to the series to begin with. But I know I've turned a corner and doubt that I'll be returning to the status quo.

I still want to work large but my shoulder isn't allowing me the gestural freedom I've had in the past, so I plan to continue to work in bits and pieces of collage, hoping it will add to the whole in a way that satisfies me. I guess it's bursitis, will wait until a regular check-up to verify. I expect there will be a series of one 'itis' or another to deal with at this stage of the game... that's okay, no biggie. Will just have to look for work arounds.

Blogger doesn't want me to add a photo at this time... and I had one ready to go, so be it.


CMC said...

baby that shoulder, Karen. I'm speaking from experience.

meno said...

It's always something as i get older. Knees, elbow, feet. Those are all the things that hurt Today. It's a good day. :)

Oh and maybe a bit of a headache, but i suspect that had something to do with the margaritas from last night.