July 23, 2006


Span 1, encaustic, 18x18, 1999

Playing with a new blog toy called co.mments which is supposed to track comments made on other blogs... all I have to do if I want to follow a particular blog's comments is to click a link on my bookmark toolbar and the program will do the tracking. Click on another link and I can review all blogs that I track. Since trying this out on Sunday when even the most dedicated bloggers seem to have a life elsewhere, it will take a few days to get the hang of it. But I figured with the popularity of blogs, there must be a comment tracking program out there somewhere. This one seemed to get the best reviews.

For those interested in more info on my encaustic setup, etc, here's a page on my site that gives an overview of the history as well as pics of my studio gear and links to suppliers. The page also links back to a sampling of my work with wax and I'm happy to note the enlargement glitch has been fixed. The above example also references the bridge series I talked about earlier.

Been researching torn rotator cuffs this morning... seems that could well be my problem though I can't recall trauma in the area. It's keeping me from the gym so my whole system is beginning to deteriorate. Will beg for a cortisone shot today... got to get over it because more demands as an active grandparent are in store... meaning a trip to NOLA to pick up a couple of g-kids and bring back for a week. The things I'll do to spend a few days in that city!

But that's not until Thursday. Will hopefully wrap up several paintings this week... well, a couple of them at least. They're beginning to ripen to the point of smelling, which is what happens when I keep messing around without an exit plan. Why do I do that? Why can't I be satisfied and move on to a new surface instead of using the whole arsenal on the work in progress? It's always been a problem... need someone else to declare that it's finished and get it out of my sight!

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