July 25, 2006


Juxtaposed, 42x48, Acrylic/Linen, 1993

Here's another turning point. Part of the Track Series, this time on canvas... LINEN, tadaaa! Hey look! There's a Bokusho flat in the middle! Who knew? And note the ruled lines here and there. I traded eye texture for the real thing, but one could note that I'm sort of moving back to visual texture... or not. I don't know what I'm doing, it all remains to be seen. Is fun to find a few roots to tie the decades together.

So I'm off to NOLA tomorrow (a half hour upriver from the Crescent City, actually) I love these visitations, this return to a place where my professional work all came together. I put in my best time there and after years of earlier prep, it all began to come together. It will always be home, fifteen years qualifies as the longest I ever lived anywhere... besides, it's New Orleans... it needs to be loved right now.

I did get my cortisone shot this morning, the doc answered a lot of my questions and I should be good to go for the 5.5 hr trip. Will get some rehab or PT when I get back and plan to start regular trips to the Y again. I don't mean for this blog to stray far from art issues, but when you can't sling your paint around, the interference is definately art related. That includes the pull of the garden and the time outs for extended family. I'll bring two g-kids back with me for a week so art prioities will take a serious shift.

Discovery: I can track new exhibitions at my favorite museums and galleries... actually any website that updates... and Blogarithm.com will notify me each time they update that page. Just subscribe with the URL from the exhibition page and never miss another special show. I use both Blogarithm and Bloglines since they do different things, the latter requires RSS feeds and the former doesn't... the latter updates frequently during the day (and whenever I hit the refresh button) and the former updates only once a day via email. So together, they are a good source for all I think I need. I'm aware that these sort of details change frequently and I'm probably outdated even as we speak, but what else is new? BTW, having mentioned that I was trying out Co.mments the other day, it's great! I'm lovin' it!

See you on the flip side, may or may not have access.

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Anonymous said...

Back from Kentucky,tired but happy. Hope your shoulder heals soon, or that rehab isn't too painful. I ran into this site and thought you might enjoy seeing it:


Linda S.