December 03, 2005


Tiz the season for every kind of distraction... just a scrap of time in the studio, realized I was just moving paint around and not contributing to the whole, so I went back to the task of getting Lauren's Xmas box off to Denmark... just little things but will put her real gift in her account to go towards her traveling around Europe. I also enclosed a small, framed abstract for her host parents, one of the Qua series which are small enough to make good gifts when something special is called for.

Finally decided on the MP3 player I "needed" to order... yeah, well... I deserve my own wish list... and this is it! Had trouble deciding on features, and found the best price on Amazon... no photo display, but FM, Flash drive and really good battery life. Now to see if I can make it go! Spent another large chunk of time searching the free music and audio book downloads... might be some decent stuff to choose from and the price is right!

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