November 02, 2009

Back To Port Gibson

I drove four hours to Jackson, picked up the Natchez Trace and planned to exit just behind George Ann's house... but lost in the exquisite view, I soon found myself way past her exit. Correction made, we went on to what is becoming an annual ritual, a fine beet salad lunch then shopping for bread, cheese and fruit at Fresh Market... then took the Trace all the way to Port Gibson. Such a remarkable drive, slowed to 50 mph, watching for deer and having a good catch up conversation.

We arrived Friday afternoon in rain but awoke Sat morn to bright, crisp fall weather... so clean everything sparkled, making it hard to decide where we wanted to paint. We'd covered much of the historic elements in previous visits so this time drove toward the river (the Mississippi changed course many years ago, making the 'port' in Port Gibson just a historical curiosity.) After stopping for photographs several times, we elected to stay as a group and set up in Grand Gulf Military Park... as much for their convenient 'facilities' as for the assortment of artful views.

That left just half a day to produce... I matted all six of my efforts, though none deserved the effort. I really must do more watercolors so I'm not so hampered by unfamiliarity. I love the medium and spent years with w/c as my primary process... but it's unforgiving and carries a grudge when it doesn't get enough attention! My bad...

Small towns must watch scheduling conflicts, making sure the crowd you want to attract to your event isn't committed elsewhere... consequently, we again found ourselves competing with Halloween for the combination opening of the Fall Traveling Colony Show and Paint Day Auction. The setting was at Gallery 621, the special province of good friend and fine artist Constance Keith Alford. The last Halloween 'Paint Day' date proved successful with a fine attendance, but this year they were caught between the holiday, a BIG estate auction and, I understand, the funeral of a prominent local. The loyal friends of the gallery did attend and additional ambiance was provided by a local guitarist/singer who performed just outside in clear and slightly crisp weather. It was still light since clocks hadn't yet been turned back so with doors opened to the street and music, the expanded venue was all the more enjoyable.

This event in past years can be seen here: 2008, and 2007. Keith does such a great job organizing and hostessing, always such fun to be with her and the other artsy friends.

(My paintings buds were happy for me when I located my misplaced camera ;)


self taught artist said...

i want to read more about the food...mmmmm
i'm glad you had a good time/good weather and surrounded by good peeps.

CMC said...

Oh wow....maybe I should take the Trace next time I come in from TX. Looks like you all had a fabulous time. Wish I could have been there.

Karen Jacobs said...

Here ya go, Paula ;)
Fresh beets roasted with a honey balsamic marinade and served with arugula, avocado, sun-dried cherries
and spicy walnut crusted Montchevré goat cheese.
One should never say they don't like beets until they try them this way!

Karen Jacobs said...

Cheryl, I think you'd have to go backward as it goes southwest from Jackson. Here's a map

Ghislaine BRUNO said...

Glad to read a new post on your blog. I hope others will follow soon :-)

Cathy Hegman said...

Sounds like a lot of fun!! Glad the weather cooperated for you! I will try to make next time! :) Good post;felt like I got a taste of it anyway!

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