November 14, 2006

Port Gibson Paint Day

Arrived Fri afternoon at the post Civil War (but not by much) home of a long time artist friend. Other paint buddies from NOLA joined us... great dinner and conversation. The above photo was taken by one of the painters... the exquisite home of generous and gracious hosts.

Sat morn we had time to take a drive to 'the bluffs' where there were many historical markers noting various battles... very serious stuff to be happening on such beautiful countryside.
Unique... a very different kind of soil allows for sunken roads through bluffs that are like plaster walls with tree roots half exposed...
Took many pics through the windshield while driving, not great photography but good enough to capture the essence.

The day was cold and windy so we set up in the mezzanine of a beautifully restored building which housed a quilt shop downstairs. Nothing but my memories of the drive to paint from, though the rooftops and church steeples of surrounding buildings would have made good compositions. I was still in awe of the drive so that's where I focused. I'd brought a number of small pre cut mats and backings, along with w/c materials... I haven't inventoried a w/c painting in many years! But (surprise! surprise!) was able to complete six paintings in the few hours we had to devote to the project. I think it was to my advantage that I had nothing to look at... pics or view... just fresh memories.

Here are three of the six watercolors. Five of them sold at the wine/cheese auction party that evening... terrific support from the locals.

In many ways, the people and culture of the South are vastly misunderstood in today's world. Like any other part of the country or world, there are problems which seem to characterize the whole of an area. That's a huge mistake on our part, whether it be Mississippi or (fill in the blank.) As always, I was very much in awe of what I saw and of those I met. It was a really fun adventure!


Tracy said...

I don't usually like watercolor paintings too much, but these are beautiful Karen! I love the linear qualities.

fleeboy said...

i love the lines, too. think these really show how one medium can enhance the qualities and understanding of another as one moves back and forth. thanks so much for posting these. get me itching to use a brush.

KJ said...

The "lines" have it! Thanks for the votes of approval... I hope to do more w/c's in the future and I'll remember... KJ

meno said...

I keep coming back to look at those watercolors. I am not surprised that 5 of them sold.
I especially like looking at the photos and then at the paintings.
I want them!

KJ said...

Aha! Good attitude, Meno! I learned this morning that the sixth has sold... I'm 100% appreciated! At least in Port Gibson. Now for the REST of the country! KJ