January 07, 2009



2009 - Glimpse, 60x48 - Sol, 60x30

The day trip to Atlanta was a quick but good one. J reminded me to bring my repair kit (a bag of 1oz assorted fluid acrylics, small bottle of Golden 500 mix, couple of small brushes and plastic lids to use for palettes) and and it's a good thing I did. For this featured show, they pull work from inventory, stir in a few new pieces and give you front room wall space for a few weeks. I asked if there were any bumps or dings I needed to fix and everyone dove into the racks and various strategic hiding places and turned up several corners that needed a touch up before going on display. Easier than repairing frames... or oil paintings! Big paintings are going to hit doorways and rub against things... it happens.

I had been asked for a large diptych that would work together or separately and they were very pleased with the above paintings... I'm not unhappy with the two but felt the constraint of needing approval, however imagined. You never know...

Good news pending... I was told three paintings recently sold. This time last year I would not have mentioned such sales. But now it seems every sale is cause for celebration and reason to not give up hope. But they emphasized that they still have to get the money out of these people so it's not a done deal yet.

While at the gallery I mentioned that we were going to stop by Trader Joe's on the way out and was told that a new one had just opened in Buckhead, just blocks away! Yea! No trip into busy mid-town! Our first TJ experience and wow! I'm hooked... must get to Atlanta more often... showing my face at the gallery more frequently is always a good plan anyway.


bob cornelis said...

I love the combination of these two pieces with the more realistic side fading away to the abstract next to it. Great concept. I could envision a whole series like this - any maybe it's a way to encourage the sale of 2 paintings at a time!

We've been a loyal TJ family for years. There is stuff there you just can't get anywhere else.

Congrats on the sales - it helps us all to hear about success stories like this these days, so keep them coming!

es said...

Sorry I missed your opening...I will check out the show! Congrats on the sales...it has been slow at my gallery here but trying to stay positive!

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Karen,
I was just talking to a friend yesterday about uneven diptychs and how intriguing I find them. Your pieces look great together! I love the combo of the landscape and the skinnier, more abstract version. The red stripe really brings them together.
Good work!