January 05, 2009

Road Trip...

2009 - Melange - 48x64

A trend I've noticed with some galleries is the move away from big openings with printed invites and festive eats at openings... if you've had to share these expenses with your gallery, you are aware that it's quite costly. I've been lucky to usually be with galleries that pick up all opening expenses but some still insisted that the artist split the cost. In recent years the thrill of such openings has run it's course and I'm just pleased with decent wall space.

My Atlanta gallery has seldom had big openings but now has even given up printed invites. Instead they've made the move to designating 'featured' artists, usually just two, for a month's run. No opening, no printed invites, just an email announcement and the usual newspaper listings. It's my turn this month, so tomorrow I'll take four big paintings over to round out the inventory... and it looks like rain all the way there and back... yuck!


bob cornelis said...

It's too bad galleries have been forced to curtail the focus on openings. In my experience, these were always potential sales events.

Good luck with the show - this is a wonderful piece. Looks like some kind of deconstructed landscape.

Karen Jacobs said...

Glad you like the painting... the title suggests a mix, and I do think of it as sort of a deconstructed landscape. My way of having it all.

True, formal openings draw a crowd, often a "cheap date" crowd. I've found that larger works usually require trying it on for size and thinking about it. A good gallery will let collectors know when there is new work in by favorite artists. I expect to see more of this sort of show... at least until things turn around. Will be interesting to watch.

Catherine Weber said...

I really love this painting. Is it done in oil? Thanks for sharing.
Catherine Weber

Karen Jacobs said...

Glad you like it, Catherine. It's acrylic... I'm too impulsive for oil, sad to say. Always changing my mind, trying this then that... oils just don't allow for my do-over process.