January 06, 2008


2007 - Fulcrum - 48x54

I struggled with the title on this one, actually it took me awhile to convince myself that the composition was actually in balance... and that might still be a toss up in some corners. The title, when I finally nailed it, resolved the painting with a "Yes! Of course!" slap on the knee. Not as it should be, perhaps, but it works for me.


Olga said...

I love the painting, and very much like the title - especially with those arcs.

Daphne said...

Funny again, the timing you have with your posts...I was looking at one of mine yesterday and then again today thinking "Karen would have nailed the composition".

But then again this new one of yours reminds me that sometimes it is good to go less symmetrical to start things off and then have the challenge of resolving it. It's like getting to the climax of a good story.

KJ said...

Funny thing, Olga, how the lightly drawn arcs play such a role in tying it together.

Oh Daphne... if you only knew ;-) This painting has been in progress for a good two months... spent time in the hall for non-cooperation and nearly had to start from scratch but kept seeing possibilities. Nothing is 'nailed' quickly in my studio! It takes a lot of trial, error and contemplation before a light begins to dawn. I still suspect it will not be an 'instant like' when it goes out in the world. But what do I know?