January 10, 2008


Archives - 2003 - Sashay - 36x60

I've had to write more than a few statements about my art over the years and decided that the less I say about myself and the more I help the viewer see what I see, the better I feel about the results. Over the years I've also had a few good writers pick up on aspects of my work that I had not grasped until it was described by someone else. I finally, about seven or so years ago, came up with a few lines which merged these descriptive thoughts and for a long time they were part of the opening page of my website. I don't know at what point I removed them but they've been recently reinstated:

"Veils of color... light, dark, warm, cool,
Scumbled and glazed... seeking the final illusion of a soft, deep surface.

Gesturing traces of graphite, crayon and sgraffito...

The pentimenti of earlier movements... of earlier thoughts.

Intricacies and transitions which speak of time...
And timelessness."

I can't think of anything else that needs to be said about my work... or about me, for that matter. I really should update the ancient descriptive words on my resume which seemed right at the time but feel so superfluous now... when I do, you can bet that it will contain little more than these lines.


CMC said...

oh my..........you are so much more articulate than I am. If I was to write something right now and no thinking about it........I would say" she was born,she saw, she translated".

Good gosh, I will regret posting this tomorrow since it shows me and my un-sophistication......but that's me..just spontaneous!

Martha Marshall said...

Karen, your words about your work are just perfect, and require no more explanation. It's interesting that they have become a metaphor for your self.

KJ said...

Cheryl, your words are really all that's needed... the paintings should speak as a body of work and the viewer should do the interpretating. But, alas, that is not our option.

Martha, funny how words can play tricks on you when you focus too much on them... sometimes I can't even grasp what I'm saying, other times it feels so right. I hope the latter trumps and the reader grasps.

Right after posting, one of my galleries sent out a call for updated statements... I sent it along, will be curious to see if it's used in any way... as if I'd know...

Annette Bush said...

I think you removed it when the scumbag appropriated -- aw, heck. . . stole -- your website. I like the statement although it may take too much thought for the average gallery goer. I am also curious about the gallery reaction to it.

KJ said...

Yeah, probably part of my knee-jerk reaction to that ugly episode.

Funny... a few well chosen words, selected and composed to offer the briefest of descriptions actually takes longer to process than a page of artspeak on how it all came about and what it means. You're probably right about that as well.

Daphne said...

What beautiful descriptions. Something somewhat illusive about the writing and your images. I feel like I am looking at your work for the first time in some ways.

Having spent a good ten days working on my first statement I can really appreciate how they can change over time. I look forward to a time when someone writes something about my work so that I can see it with fresh eyes.