January 05, 2008


I joke about chaos... this book was purchased for the title, though it's a fun read for gardeners, and propped on this shelf to remind myself that neatness isn't required, though some type of organization is a benefit.

Note the little round glass next to it... clothespins with g-kids names, used for their cups and towels in a vain attempt to organize the chaos of their visits. Next to that is a small pottery jar with driftwood from a French Mediterranean beach (there were no shells so bits of wood had to do) along with the remains of a stalk of dates, also from France... all representing my need to hold on to memories with something I can touch.

The faux flowers below are a convenience I enjoy... I once grew white gloxinias like this but it was a pain to keep the hot house tropical in bloom... this one is much more obliging. Next to that is a photo of my mother and her first great grandson... she's departed, he's graduating from HS this year... time marches on, no need to prompt the memory in that department.

The two vases partially in view contain plastic bags for a quick grab when needed. I'm actually hording the good bags in case the country gets serious about the chaotic use and dispersal of these trashy conveniences. They still serve as watermarks in trees in parts of New Orleans... I hope they do outlaw them, but I'll still have my stash in vases. And that's just one set of shelves in the laundry room. I love shelves!
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While on the subject of chaos... Still trying to sort through all these old prints and watercolors while arranging, tossing, unframing, unmatting, oohing and ahhing, remembering, photographing, photoshopping etc. etc... and finally wrapping and putting away the keepers. Serigraphs as well as lots of old watercolors... if all were just dumped, who would know the difference? Maybe next time around. These are my footsteps and looking back to where I've been is amusing to me.

E-friends are telling me I should not be tossing, but cropping and collaging. Well, that's how these stacks of chaos came to be! Unknown future creative urges have always kept me from clearing out as I go. It's hard to do even now, but sometimes having too much can be suffocating. I'll have my assistant (should he or she ever be hired) set up an eBAy shop and raffle them off...

Even so, I don't handle chaos well... though some would quickly point to a lifetime of *ahem* chaotic-ish habits... perhaps I require a certain amount in order to recover from it and feel that welcome surge of high octane creativity once things are again arranged alphabetically... and out of sight.

Here's a frontal of the NonConeFormist print I was working on in the photograph a few entries ago. The colors don't photograph or reduce well, too complimentary or something... the camera's a three year old dinosaur, could be part of it.

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