July 13, 2007

Summer TIME

This terrific art clock was created from found materials by Vermont artist and blogger Paula McCullough. She's having a 'moving sale' and her already reasonable prices are even more enticing... go take a look around her site, her clocks start here. Mine arrived today, I popped a battery in and it's running, um... like clockwork ;-) It's being considered for several wall spaces, but will most likely find a permanent spot at the lake house. It will be perfect! I'm tickled with it, Paula!
>>High Five<<

Webster describes the Dog Days of Summer as:
1 : the period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere
2 : a period of stagnation or inactivity

Air Conditioning may take care of some of #1, but as far as #2 is concerned, we're in full swing, if you can describe stagnation as swinging. This month and next will allow little studio time due to assorted family members coming and going... happy to have them, make yourself comfortable! But don't think nothing is being accomplished, good grief! Quite the opposite... just not much art happening. Wait... let me take a little of that back! I've got stuff on the pegboards in the studio, some of it beginning to look pretty good... especially considering I don't spend more than 30 minutes at a time in the room... that would be 30 minutes per day... or so. Yeah, I've got a few soft deadlines...enough to usually kick me into gear... but it ain't happening right now. S'okay... it will, no need wasting paint.

Had a great time with a g-kid who was here from NOLA for volleyball camp at the University. She enjoyed, we enjoyed... and then she flew home. A whole wad of them will be back early August... I'll be on overload but lovin' it! No camp to keep them busy so we'll be in overdrive. Expect lots of references to exhaustion but it's the kind that happens when one's cup overflows. Life is good (but summer is hot and way humid!)


self taught artist said...

Thanks for the great referrals! More importantly, you are happy yes? In that case....I'm thrilled!

Julia said...

Your youngest g-kid will be thrilled that the clock starts with the first letter of her name - and you'll never convince her otherwise!

KJ said...

Do you think I can convince her that it stands for MINE!

Joe said...

I like that no matter what angle you view it from the time remains the same....hmmmm....what was the artist trying to tell us?

Julia - Although all art is subjective to the experiences that the viewer brings to it (probably more important that what the feeling the artist is trying to convey), Meisi is wrong about the meaning of the "M" clock. It obviously stands for Mom. That is why it came to her. :)

KJ said...

Whoa! You're really having some deep thoughts, Joe... careful there!

Joe said...

I may have hurt myself...