July 08, 2007

Family Matters...

Yesterday the pup went back to her girls and for a few hours it was just us again. Then we headed to the airport to meet our 12 yr old g-kid who will attend a volleyball camp at the University but this time it's just the one, not a house full as with the earlier soccer camp. I like to have alone time with each one, they're all so different once you get to know them, otherwise it's a crowd of similarities. I like to learn what's special about each... while they still have time to share with us. It's to be expected as they grow... up, up and away. But not so far that they can't come back. Our oldest, at 20, will be driving down for a quick visit next month... and bringing her boyfriend. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. But as luck will have it, the house will be full of younger cousins at that time so we'll be able to skirt any improprieties, should they appear. Look at me looking for trouble! No I'm not... just preparing myself for whatever turns up. (Recalling that I married when I was 20... no regrets but I want her to wait until she knows herself really well... and there's no way at 20!)

So after supper we're off for the lake house (fortunately near the University sports camps) for 3-4 days. I've set up a drawing table in front of a window to the lake and have all my w/c materials nearby... I'll try to position myself there a little bit every day. With so much yet to do with renovations, I'm impatient to get it done but I need to begin setting aside regular time for some of the artsy ideas going around in my head. These compositional seedlings can be so fleeting and I know it will take discipline to coax them out... lots of redundant repetition before anything real begins to happen.
Following up the previous post about stirring muses... I quickly turned a WIP into a fake mock-up of the painting the client liked and that's where it is for now. I'd quit art before I'd leave it like it is... a copy. The real work will begin when I return and have a few good studio days to myself. It must be able to stand on it's own... and this is what series painting is all about... they can't all just be slight mutations of each other, each must be unique unto itself. Somewhere on that canvas, I will find the spirit of a new work... which happens to be similar enough to the other to make the cut.

So that's it for a few days... see ya on the other side.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of weddings, my son Paul and his long-long time girlfriend are now engaged. They are to be married in January. We are so pleased. They have been best friends since 8th. grade and are now both 24yrs. old and into their careers. Maybe in a few years I'll actually have a g-child. Also I've hit my goal --and am doing a little painting--but have to admit that wedding plans are pretty consuming.

Linda S.

Joe said...

No More Wedding, Marriage or improprieties! The 17 year old boy asked if he could bring his girlfriend. Don't worry Mom - that got the big NO!