July 16, 2007


Was updating a few entries this morning and decided to look at some totals... I have 120 paintings circulating in six galleries. Two of those galleries are not major reps and only have nine works between them. So the other four average about 25 or so in inventory.

This year, so far, 27 have sold, which is about the total of last year and it's only July. But I've had two major shows this year and none last year (Smell the coffee, kj?) Coincidentally, I've also documented 27 finished paintings for '07. I doubt that I'll do more than last years 46 paintings. Sketches and small w/c's I don't expect to sell are not documented. Some '07 sales were vintage 2001-03 works. Only seven were as recent as 2006 and 07. Sometimes they have to 'hang' around awhile before the right buyer comes along.

My database totals 1,565 and includes every finished painting I ever made note of since '65 with my first bowl of copied daisies. (I could have gone back much further and included a couple of paint-by-numbers but I'm trying to be professional here!) Not a lot by some standards. (I can hear R exclaim from three states away, "Is THAT ALL?") Yikes... maybe I should have counted all the works that didn't make the cut and got painted over before documenting. That would triple the number right there! I'm working on a canvas right now that has seen at least four near finished versions, only to become something way different in another incarnation. This is why I often kick myself for trying too hard when I see stuff out there that looks like it was completed in one quick sitting... and looks fine... sometimes.

But having said all that, a gallery mentioned that they had way more of my stuff than I probably meant for them to have (and they do) and in their travels through my fair city, they would be dropping off some of the extra. I was asked if there was anything in particular that I needed back and I left it to them to make the cut... which should give me a critique on what they like... or feel they can sell... or not. I'm looking forward to seeing what and how many return home. If I see flaws, they'll likely get repainted (which is why I don't varnish my work.) Otherwise, they'll be moving on down the road to new audiences and hopefully, new homes.

Some numbers are more fun to play with than others...


Martha Marshall said...

" . . . If I see flaws, they'll likely get repainted (which is why I don't varnish my work.) "

That's why I've learned not to title and date mine on the backs!

M.A.H. said...

"...Sketches and small w/c's I don't expect to sell are not documented."


I've enjoyed reading your history. Thanks for sharing.

Sometimes I get excessive about documenting every single thing and it becomes a little overwhelming, but I also lost a slew of works due to naiveté and negligence and in the 80's, so glad I have the documentation.

KJ said...

Sounds like a very unfortunate experience. Losing work is a reality that a lot of us have experienced, we don't stay naive long!