July 03, 2007

The Muse Stirs...

2005 - Ridge 3 - 24x24

Figures... but why does it not surprise? A call from my NOLA rep sounds the alert for a particular style painting ("like this one but bigger!") which would be a cinch to do and in a series that I wouldn't mind extending (re: landscape talk.) Will need to order stretchers (should have done that a week ago!) But wait! On the pegboard, even as we speak, is a WIP that was going nowhere. Might be too big but what the hey! I'll paint two, the second being the size suggested.

Why am I more easily motivated when trying to please someone else than when trying to please myself? Art is a game of selfish rules. I'm supposed to be reaching deep within and pulling out Gutsy Creative Energy... instead I'm energized by clues like size and style and "that beautiful coppery red" the client likes. Umm... maybe the G.C.E. has been all used up and can only be resurrected by references to paintings past. Well, let's HOPE it can be resurrected. No promises here, just directional motivation.

Gotta hurry, although Daisy Dog will reunite with family on Sat, we'll also receive a 12 yr old g-girl from NOLA who will be attending a volleyball camp at the University. That means we'll be at the lake house most of next week so all studio painting must be done this week. In any case, I got work ta do!


Peter Chen said...

Hi KJ,

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Peter (Blog*Star 2006 and 2007)
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Ashley Boyd said...

Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm glad to find your's. Northport is a wonderful place to live. It's such a settling and peaceful place.

Your work's not too shabby for being directed. I wish my assigned stories could be just as beautiful. I saw you mentioned NOLA. Do you know Donn Young from New Orleans?

He's a N.O. photographer I'm helping with a website.

Anyhow good luck with your work:)


Olga said...

I am intrigued by the question of why more easily motivated when trying to please someone else. Perhaps it is not the GCE that you want, but in the meantime it might keep you busy enough to stop worrying about it -?

KJ said...

Olga, I think your word 'intrigue' comes closer to my self-analyzing than 'worry'. That's the heart of our blogs, don't you think? What makes us tick? After all these years you'd think we'd have better answers. I doubt that I ever had much GCE to begin with... just curiosity about the process.

Ashley, didn't know Donn but hope to run into you around the neighborhood ;-) Good luck to you in an enviable time of your life and career.