February 26, 2007

Time Out for Dreaming

Happened across the top photo of artwork (the green verticals) installation in a home that bears a striking resemblance to our 'renovation in process' lake house. We could very easily almost duplicate this look, shouldn't have pulled up the white carpet (yeah, right!) But I don't want to paint the wood beams, just the wood paneling... which is a done deal at this point. Since we're doing this on the cheap, the furnishings will be some what less than seen here... but the artwork will be first class, of course! Stay tuned (but don't hold your breath) for our version in a few months.

Wednesday, I'll be hauling a disbeliever (J) to see a friend's home a couple of hours down the road. She bought a very contemporary home (and decorated it beautifully casual eclectic) which was built as an exercise in economy. The very beautiful floors are... varnished 4x8 particle board! Held in place with small screws and grommets (don't know what they really are) that aren't flush with the floor but look exactly right. Will take pics and show... can you imagine how much money would be saved by not having to cave for hardwoods? Research on the web shows that this is often a flooring choice in Australia... I think it's time to give it a try here.


Tracy said...

Funny, I was just discussing flooring for my new studio with our contractor and he suggested 4x8 particle board as a good, cheap option to the hardwood I was thinking I'd have to get. I will be able to look at our designer's floor in a few weeks-she did the same thing in her workspace.

CMC said...

Not particle board, but plywood was what my daughter had in the upstairs garage apt....laid on a diagonal and faux painting...looked great until the sink water line broke when she was out of town and flooded everything. Now she has oak as the insurance company said it was too "costly" to do custom work like that. Too funny, huh!