July 05, 2006

Sizing Success

It was as much fun as playing with wet t-paper can be... quite labor intensive without a proper drying rack and the wet rice paper was tricky to handle. But I swiped about 50 squares with the solution and placed each (oooh so delicately) on the floor to dry, only tossing about a dozen (with proper four letter blessings) into the trash if they folded back on themselves and became hopeless. I have a hand- me- down commercial berber carpet and wasn't afraid of sticking, but still felt a bit of relief when they dislodged easily this morning.

Then I set about making marks on some of them, but marks can't just be marks... there's art to be made here and although I've no intention of following the Asian sumi-e masters with long hours of contemplation (on their knees, yet!) I do need to give it a bit of thought if I expect anything special to come of this. My normal procedure is to keep layering until I like what I see... but that defeats the original motivation... that of moving on to some new kind of process... hopefully a more direct method of making art. You'd think after some 40-odd (mostly odd) years of attempting, I would have a better handle on what's going to happen when I put brush to paper or canvas. Guess if I had all that figured out, I'd be looking for something else to do.

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amber said...

i love reading about the process.You are very inventive!