July 05, 2006

Other Possibilities

Field Tree, 14x11, 2006
Since this whole bokusho/ricepaper/ink thing came about because of trees, a natural morphing into other possibilities is also going on in the studio. The image here is of a tree that at least six other artists will recognize as it was a lone sentinel in an open field near our quarters at Cat'Art... doubt that any of us came away without at least one photo of this windward beauty. Wish I'd taken many more.

In an earlier life, about five-six years ago, I was heavy into encaustics, and still hope to get back to them at some point. But would also like to create some waxy looking images without the wax... and I think that happened here. The manipulated photo was printed on rice paper, then applied to a small canvas. Lots of layers of various gels and mediums, some tinted with ocher or white, and a few landscape and gestural lines... and here ya go. Now to figure out how to use this technique on larger canvases and that's where the real challenge is. Since I only have a standard size printer, I suspect I'll be printing large squares and piecing them back together in some fashion. Will have to depend on daughter with her monster camera to get some good high res tree pics for me.

I've never had a desire to do collage as most do it. I want my paper additions to the canvas to be part of the paint, not sitting on top with cut or torn edges unblended into the whole. That's someone else's art... not mine. I've used commercial rice papers and liked the effects possible, but began to notice the same papers used in other artist's works. Immediately decided that I would have to make my own paper designs for collage, so there you have another root cause for these procedures.


ggaleria said...

I wish I could make a comment about this piece of art that would do it justice. I can't. But I will say that it is exquisite. If it were mine, I would be continually moving it so that I could see it everywhere.

KJ said...

I'm quite delighted with your comment as it stands! I appreciate ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lovely tree.

I painted a cluster of three of those lovely trees during France 04 trip.

It was my favorite. It was also the one that sold during our opening.

About your rice paper, you may want to try InkAid http://www.inkaid.com/

It is used on all sorts of surfaces to facilitate holding the ink.

There is also gum sandarac which is used by calligraphers to keep their ink from bleeding.

Let us know how the acylic medium works out.

Blessings ~ Kaye

Bobbi C. said...

Hi Karen,

I've done a lot of collage and printmaking with inks and things, and the best way to keep them from smearing is to use a brush like a stencil brush and "pounce" the medium on top of the ink, perpendicular to the canvas. Just dab it on, don't brush it from side to side. That's what makes it smear--the brushing. Once that part is dry, you can then go back and add more. I've been quite successful at "merging" photos into canvases/paint this way. Also, using torn edges helps the paper fibers to blend in better.

Love your newer work, and will be watching its progression...

Bobbi C.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the rice paper, you should try "pi zhi". This is Chinese word. "zhi" means paper or you can say "pi paper" The paper seels a roll in a tube. The paper looks thin but very strong even when it wets. Use good qulity Chinese ink, there is no bleeding after it drys. You can get very trong strock, you will love it. I can find the paper and Chinese ink at my local art store, or China town....... Good luck