July 07, 2006

T-Shirt Fonts

I have renewed respect for craftspeople, illustrators, calligraphers and all those who are somehow ranked on a lesser level than *fine art*ists. I've 16 T-shirts to decorate with names of family members this week... and I don't do this sort of thing very well. Oh, how I envy those with the imagination as well as the technical skill to produce cute, memorable and highly photogenic fonts. Sighhhh... back to work.


Ed Maskevich said...

ahhh, every artist has heard, at least once, "you're artsy, you can do this leetering (or sign).

KJ said...

But it's worse when it's *me* saying it!

Anonymous said...


If you had a light box, you could print out a name in any font you liked, then trace onto the shirt. (Stretch the shirt over the lightbox.) But it looks like you already did them.
Your group will look great in anything!

Linda S.

Martha Marshall said...

Good grief! Sounds too much like work to me!! You're a good sport.

Pat said...

This is when you need Annette! But, those showing look good to me. You ARE a good sport, Karen.