June 19, 2006

Another French Residency

Another artist blogs her way through a French art residency... San Francisco artist Alanna Spence has arrived in Caunes-Minervois, which isn't so far from where we resided during April. Judging from her visit last summer, there will be lots of info and photos forthcoming. Obviously, her previous experience was just as rewarding as ours... it will be fun to follow.


CMC said...

Waaaah........I wanta go again.(without three suitcases) I can hardly believe any other place can best Cat'Art though.

alannaclarice said...

My trip was amazing. Thanks for the post Karen! The house we stay at is such a magical place. Cat'Art looked beautiful but this house and land has become a very special place for me. I don't want to be back. Two weeks is too short. :(