May 22, 2006

Good Mail

2003, Meeting of the Minds, 36x36, mixed media

Earlier this year I was (once again) sweet talked into donating a painting for a MOST IMPORTANT event, yadda-yadda. I'd sworn off this method of giving away my paintings to 'collectors' who only buy when they can get something cheap and it's a write off as well. Normally, I don't even get documentation, much less a thank-you. Well, today was different. A letter of appreciation from the organization came in the mail today, stating the winning bid (quite respectable) and giving more info about the cause (the Marcus Institute, Caring for Children with Disabilities) I feel much better about the donation... anything to help needy kids gets my vote. The donated painting is pictured above.

But hey! Real money arrived in the mail as well! The 'Cathar' diptych, finished just prior to leaving for France, has been hung, and I'm told it looks grand in it's corporate entry. I hope to get down to Montgomery and get an installation shot at some point. Would that all works had such a quick turn around from gesso to check, but that's just asking a bit too much now, isn't it?


Walker said...

Congrats on the sale of Cathar. Didn't realize you were so into the French experience before leaving the US!

KJ said...

I found the area history facinating as I delved into pre-trip preparations and was reading 'Labyrinth' by Kate Mosse, which was the right book at the right time.

Nancy Baker, aka Rebel Belle said...

Hi Karen another great topic for art blogging. I think I will make this the theme of my next post. Auctions! What a rip off for artists. The stupid collectors are like vultures, snapping up things that are cheaper than found in the galleries or artists studios. I think that more collectors should step up and donate work.