May 20, 2006


The drama of gallery representation is spelled out quite effectively in a blog called Tire Shop. I've experienced much of what is described, the good, bad and ugly, and have managed to cull the spoilers and focus on the good guys. The next step will be to face up to a few really nice galleries that just can't seem to move the work, are inconvenient to access and, at this point in time, are not prime to my game plan.

This is hard to do, considering how long and hard I've worked to have a good string of galleries handle my work. This ole race horse still wants to run, but not in quite so many events. Opportunities show up and the possibilities of new adventures are stimulating... I have to give myself a shake and just keep on holding the pace.

One point I would add to the Tire Shop article is that in the age of Internet communication, it's very easy to locate a few artists that gallery represents and ask for the lowdown. I still do that, even if I don't plan to join, and it's interesting to hear the answers.

The image is from my May, 2005, show at Carol Robinson Gallery in New Orleans. They made it through Katrina and it continues to be a strong gallery.

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Martha Marshall said...

A fabulous looking display, dah-ling. Now I'm headed to check out that blog.