May 19, 2006

Delayed Reactions

2006, LeMer, 36x60, mixed media

So I'm not the only one. Reading Robin's blog makes me think the sinking spells and odd-man-out feelings I've been having are not unusual after spending a month away from routine. The worst of it is over I hope, and life seems back to normal, whatever that is. Normal, for me, means either too much to do or not enough... it means a familiar rut that is both cursed and sought... it means people who really do care but just don't think to give you all the strokes you think you need because their normal life is in need of strokes as well. I'm entering into the 'too much to do' mode, having wasted precious time being slow to surface.

I'm not superstitious, but I have a silly habit that has worked for years... that is to think 'worse case scenario' and that cancels out the possibility of it happening. A simple example would be: if I'm going downstairs with both hands full, I imagine myself falling, feeling every bump along the way. Then I proceed with the proper caution and all is well. When I fell to my knees coming out of a store in France, arms loaded with veggies and mouth in motion, I was obviously distracted. (Well, I was faced with this great view of the Pyrenees...) If I'd focused on possible results of my actions, that wouldn't have happened. It seems to work on a much larger scale in my life as well. The theory being, it's what you don't think of that will get you! Wonder what the term for that would be, positive/negative visionary reversal?

The painting above was started and finished since my return. It was suggested that I do something with blues as a client is looking and likes my work. From the first layer, I knew that it would reflect the Mediterranean, and therefore, the title. The photo isn't the best, I let it get away from me before a proper shoot.

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Martha Marshall said...

Beautiful, Karen!!! It's still you, even with the blue!