May 18, 2006


Under the "Things I'm Slow to Learn" category:

For a long time I've wished Blogger had a link back to the main page which shows all recent entries. As I follow a number of interesting art blogs, I've noticed that Typepad and others have a 'Main' link which allows that. So I put one on my blog, up top on the right. That doesn't help me with other blogs when I want to see what I missed.

Well, guess what? Blogger does have this feature! The whole title is the link to the main page! Okay, I'm a happy reader now. No complaints. Except that the blogarhythm program that announces new entries messes up sometimes (I subscribe to my own, so I know) and skips an entry now and then. Thought I'd pass along this piece of vital info for those who use alerts of one kind or another... they generally take you to one entry, not the whole thing or most recent entry.


Shelly said...

On linking to a blog's main page, blogs with banner images at the top often have the image hot-linked. It's good manners to also have a text link, but some don't.

KJ said...

Most blogs don't have a text link. I must assume everyone else is aware of the title/banner hot link. Now, I am too... duh! Live and learn ;-)

Shelly said...

Yeah, I've noticed that. I think the problem is that Blogger provides only a few basic templates. Folks do all sorts of things to customize them, which is great, but their knowledge of accessibility issues isn't necessarily the best.