May 16, 2006


Okay, let's call it 'multi-tasking'... there's a lot going on in this mess. I have to admit that my studio is a bit more out of control that usual, and I'm taking steps to correct it. Since the camera was handy, thought I'd confess my shortcomings.

Cleaning and organizing my studio has always brought on a surge of new enthusiasm once all is in order... maybe it's uncovering stuff I'd given up on and seeing new potential... or finding that brayer I needed just the other day. Hey, maybe the TV remote will turn up!

As I was prepping these photos to show the world, I realized that in every corner, since taking the shots a couple of hours ago, things are already changing. No, not cleaner, but work is actually progressing.

The white gessoed canvas on the prop easel has been primed, the 60" canvas standing on end at the doorway has been final coated, two of the paintings on the wall easels have had more attention paid to them... I'm impressed! And what you don't see is my database has been set up to spit out an inventory sheet for a gallery delivery tomorrow. Methinks I'm getting back into the swing of things. Maybe I'll even find time to spiff up this mess!


Shelly said...

Thank you for posting these! I love looking at people's work spaces.

I also love that landscape diptych. If I ever saw your work in person, I'd be in Big Trouble, because I think I'd have a hard time not putting my hands on it. It seems very tactile.

KJ said...

Man, I needed a comment like that! Thanks a bunch, and you're welcome to touch any time you happen across one. In fact, I encourage it. The idea is to create that 'gotta touch' surface... good to know it's working! As for the messy studio, I really do need to uncover a few layers and see what it used to look like.