April 10, 2006

Party Hearty


Our simple goodbye supper for Debbie grew and grew... it was also Chin Kong Yee's farewell (a photographer/painter from Maylasia who is making a six week European tour, if I have my info straight) so we increased our circle table to include Kong Yee and the director Catherine along with Christoph (maintenance) Eddie (yardman) and the very interesting character, Nickoli, a sculptor of whom you'll hear more since we plan to travel to Andorra (up in the Pyrenees) to see his latest show later this week. John and Ellie were also invited so my little rice and sausage soup designed to fuel two or three easily through the coming week, expanded and grew to accomodate all. Of course, the offerings brought by our guests enhanced the dinner mightily...

Christoph built a roaring fire in what we had been told was the best fireplace in the area, but we had only managed to make it smoke up the entire house on two previous attempts... there are secrets to building a good fire and even Raya's long time experience didn't include the pecularities of this particular hearth. Raya had bought flowers earlier in the day, probably to paint, but they provided a delightful ambiance along with candles arranged by Annette. Daffy, J&E's dalmation, was the signature French touch as most resturants here allow dogs to enter with their owners. She was very well behaved considering how hungry she tried to look.

Overcast out there this morning, a fairly stiff breeze making the cherry blossoms dance outside my window... another day for layering clothes... perhaps this afternoon the sun will return. Not sure we will bother with the market in Mirepoix today or not, but another adventure drive will surely be considered. They never disappoint.

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