April 09, 2006

Life Drawing And Driving


Life drawing class in Esperaza today, Raya and I made sure we had maps with us this time, as it is so easy to miss the little roads that are so scenic and actually shortcuts to where we needed to go. Ellie invited all but we were the only ones interested so off we went. Amazingly, we made the trip in 45 minutes and arrived early. Parked in the designated spot, looked for a cafe for coffee and potty but could only find a bar so held out until spotting Ellie waving us down. Two hours of drawing, the model was a delightful young woman with lovely lines, I'm fairly pleased with my attempts since it's been a good 25 yrs (gad! a quarter century!) since I last experienced life drawing. Maybe there's a chance of getting the eye-hand coordination thing going again! One can hope.

After the session, we went to the Clemens where John already had my computer fixed (Cheryl and Pat had arrived with it earlier) so I was able to go online at full speed at last... but I was out of sorts as I had forgotten my phone and had hoped to get a call from home as well as call Lauren in Belgium regarding her arrival on Wednesday. The use of borrowed phones was generous but unsatisfactory. However, email is working fine so will have to do.

Off to a pizza place nearby for lunch and then we said our goodbyes after getting directions to a grocery store which we didn't find... oh well... we'll survive until Monday when we go to the market Mirepoix which should be a nice, big one. Hope to find the same bread man the Esperaza market had... best ever!

Attended to the ATM machine again and and headed back home, this time making plenty of time for photo-ops along the way. The sun was catching the sharp greens of the fields just right, and we remembered a roadside house with wisteria clinging and at it's perfection. Vineyards in the area as well, lots of good photos which I just haven't had time to upload... most will have to wait until I get home to share.

Sad to say the dratted heel pain I thought I'd disposed of has recurred with a vengence, it may slow me down a bit but won't knock me out. I think a good night's sleep will help the whole of me... will break down and take a sleep aide tonight. Don't know that anything is planned for tomorrow, I'll take it easy and stay close to the house... much to sketch around here anyway, might as well take advantage.


Lots of stretches and massaging of the foot last night fixed the heel for today, hurrah! Annette and I drove out in a direction we'd not yet been and discovered one inviting little village after another. Found a Tabbac (small grocery) that had some luscious pizza/cheese tart offerings so we stocked up for our immediate needs knowing we'd be off to a large outdoor market tomorrow. Continued on down the road and spotted a beautiful chateau raising over the village of Lanet. Thought it was a church at first, but when we found ourselves in front of it, realized it was a chateau that had been converted into apartments or condos. The fields across the street had manicured hedges enclosing 'rooms' for the sheep grazing there. So very picturesque. After all our country driving and photographing on little cartpath roads, we found ourselves out of film and batteries so had to resort to pulling out the sketchbooks and having at it.

Lilacs are beginning to bloom, many townhomes that are occupied have lined their doors and windows with flowerboxes... more are popping up each time we drive through another village. A wonderful time of year to be visiting this country.

Debbie leaves tomorrow and I've made a large pot of soup so we have invited the group from the patio house for dinner tonight. Our electricity went out last night but it's been fixed today... all our heaters must have surged on at the same time. Blessed sunshine today, still cool enough for several layers, but the weather don't get no better than this!

(Sorry no pics... not an option today)

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