April 11, 2006

Monday In Mirepoix, Apr 10

Ellie and John came over early to join us on our Mirepoix trip but we were delayed getting an early start so sent them on their way with the possibility that we would see them there. Raya and Robin took Debbie to the airport in Toulouse, Pat and Cheryl had other plans as they had spent time in Mirepoix on their trip here two years ago. And tomorrow they leave for a few days in Provence. We (Annette and I) took the shorter, direct route, and held out hope that the day would warm up... the sun did appear for a bit but this is winter weather, no ifs, ands or buts! Brrrr! And Lauren asked in her last email if shorts would be appropriate, after all, this IS the South of France! No, Buggie... we should just hope for light sweater weather.

The market was impressive... google Mirepoix and you'll see a village of much character. We took pics of each other modeling our new scarves and a young merchant jumped into the picture with me, head close and arm around my shoulder... so we bought more scarves from him, of course. However, could only find berets made of heavy wool, looking for a lighter variety to bring as g-kid gifts.

And we actually did run into the Clemens as the market began to pack up, so we joined them for another heavily laden lunch when we could have done with a light salad... but such a bargain to go for the multi course daily special. Next time I will restrain myself... promises, promises.

I agreed to go with Annette into the big church that anchored the square, really quite impressive though I don't lean to a lot of church viewing... landscapes are more my thing. Since I'm unable to upload pics as I'd like, you can google the Catheral of St Maurice, Mirepoix, for the particulars.

We took the long, winding way home and found many photo-ops, I hope I can find the names of all these ruins and castles, I sure took enough pictures. But now we have a conflict in our schedule... seems we've made plans to go in two different directions on Thursday... Yikes! Will have to nail it down without hurting a host along the way. Everyone has been so generous with their time and information... don't know when we would paint... so much to do! But sketching is all I planned to do and some of that is being accomplished... and more will as the weather warms.

Tried to call home from Mirepoix but couldn't get through even though I had a signal... the world may be getting smaller, but it's also getting more complicated. I feel very far away except for email. No supper tonight, for sure! Not even cheese... it's beginning to glue my innerds together, methinks.

Appreciating the comments being left... makes me feel closer.


Martha Marshall said...

Well in that case, please rest assured I'm hanging on your every word! Love hearing it from your point of view, and so glad to have all this good info too.

Leslie Ficcaglia said...

Hi, Karen! I just found your blog again. Paint-L has been super quiet; maybe everyone's reading about your adventures in France. I'm really enjoying the details, especially since we're planning to go in October. Sounds like you aren't getting a lot of painting or sketching in, but the photos sound wonderful. It's a lovely day here - about seventy - and I've been working in my garden. Funny to think of you in Ste. Colombe right now!

Kay Wilson said...

Well, I keep checking in and am enjoying the reports. Of course I can hardly wait for the pictures--but know they'll come. Too bad it's on the chilly side, but the scenery and food and markets all sound like good stuff! Hope you come home with lots of new ideas. So glad you all got to have this experience! Kay