April 13, 2006



Where am I, what day is this? It's been a whirlwind! Lauren is here, still asleep, but I must wake her soon as we are headed for the coast and I don't know how long the drive will be. Giving us three hours each way and three to poke around Coulloire (sp?) Will drive through Qillan (Kee-on) and see the gourges everyone says are not to be missed.

Yesterday was an early start day as well, Annette and I met the Clemens in Limoux and then drove on to the Roman town of Narbonne where she had to pick up paintings from a very chic dress shop where they had been displayed. I noticed several shops had original work displayed in their windows. Lots of pics including A and I standing on the Roman road that had been uncovered and primped up to make a charming tourist Kodac moment. Had lunch nearby, more pics, then we split for Carcassone... big towns/cities do nothing for me these days... though the peek at la Cite, the huge fortress we'll visit Saturday, is quite spectacular... google it! Would you believe I blew up my neck pillow and pulled a rainhat over my face and actually snoozed a minute or two while A reviewed some maps? She discovered we were not far from Monseur, the book village, and had time to make a quick visit before meeting Lauren at the airport at five. So off we went! Browsed, bought, took pics, hustled back to find the airport... not as easy as we'd hoped, then Joel calls as I'd suggested he might be able to get through... and might have been a bit alarmed as we called out road signs, determined the need for U-ies and made other sounds of confusion during the conversion. He decided to call back in 45 min when we would hopefully have Lauren in tow... He did... we did... they talked... all is well. Course, the battery went out in my phone so the call ended abruptly. Sorry 'bout that.

Got Buggie up and steered toward the shower... will cut this short and hope that the day warms as promised and that doggoned wind dies down.

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