March 23, 2006

Knot Intimidated...

1991 - WINE KNOT
11x30, watercolor

There's a tangled tie-in here somewhere... I've received my legendary Moleskine sketch book; luscious, scrumptious and must not drool upon. I have doubts that I'll ever get past the adoration of this artful icon to actually make meaningful marks within.

So... considering I have reams of unused printmaking paper (quality stuff) and having stumbled across a website giving explicit tutorage on making your own sketchbook, I set out to do just that. And I did, but it's of my own design after noting the general idea and not being one to follow directions. So my sketchbook has lots more knots (there's the tie-in!) and will never gain the respect of the original... but I bet I won't have a problem with intimidation!

The painting above was the first of a series, taking my longstanding grass subject and tying the strands in knots... the others have pun-like titles using Knot for Not... you can get an idea on this old, incomplete web page.

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