March 25, 2006

Most Intriguing...

48 x 24, mixed media
Received a call from my NOLA gallery that Intrigue has sold. Absolutely amazing! I recall my first thoughts after Katrina... okay, not my first thoughts, but certainly, the thoughts did come... that art sales would be dead for some time in that fine city. But no. Happily, no. I was delighted to learn that it sold to someone I once knew... an artist I've lost touch with. Seems they now live in Atlanta, unknown if they will return to NOLA, but the fact that they chose to buy a painting of mine at this point in time, after all I assume they've been through... well, that's rather intriguing. In fact... and I hope this trend is indicative of my gallery as well as the whole art scene in NOLA... the six months following the big K have been at least on par with normal, maybe better.

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