March 08, 2006

Back To Work...

1982, Yellow Daffodils, 11 x 15 watercolor

Okay, time to refocus, time to get my priorities straight. Goals are to get some in-progress work finished this month, preferably sooner than later. I've had quite a nice respite with my online crash course on the South of France but if I chase after one more link I'll be on overload and begin to fizzle out. Best to keep it on ice for now and return to regular life.

Regular life has been a pain, however... in the heel, the hip and the shoulder, to be exact. Right or wrong, I've traced the culprit to the gym and an overly exuberant aerobic leader I tried too hard to keep up with! I've given myself permission to take it easy, do my stretching at home, and move back into a much more relaxed exercise schedule. The last thing I want to do is limp through the hills of France! I've seen the foot doc, got a shot that didn't work, new orthotics, new shoes, a couple of new books on Yoga and Tai Chi (very simplified versions) and a new attitude.

So back to the studio, crank up the CD's and churn out the masterpieces! But... it's gonna be such a beautiful day for spring gardening! Maybe a little of that, too!

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