January 25, 2006

Cutting My Own Throat!

So yesterday I backed out of my May show... even after the owner tells me of plans for a 'collectors party' including past and future buyers, corporate people her dad can call in and her mother can charm... I backed out. Left it hanging that the party could happen even without a show but... oh, lawsy, I'd have to be drugged and propped to endure something like that! Cutting my own throat, I am... but she seemed to understand, and we'll do a show in '07... and I'll try to brace myself. Anyway... what would I wear???


Walker said...

hey - you won't have TIME for a show - you're spending April in France!


KJ said...

Thought I could have the show finished before I left, but time moves faster and I move slower... yet my mind still thinks I can. You can't imagine the relief since deleting that responsibility. KJ