January 28, 2006

Early Paint Throwing

1989, Azalea Splash, 15x22, Caran d'ache (w/c crayon) and w/c. Wonder why I didn't do more of these? Maybe I didn't take the process seriously? Maybe it didn't seem 'hard' enough? Probably because they didn't fit into the 'serious' body of work I was trying to accrue at the time. I recall that I did a small series of three and apparently only took a photo of this one. Really makes me want to revisit the possibilities... maybe easy is okay.

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Martha Marshall said...

Makes me happy just looking at it, Karen! I think you could find a way to get some of this feeling of abandon into your current work. Maybe there's a clue in what you said about the grid painting in your next post -- "preserving some of the gestural marks and painting around them?"